How To: Hand Sewing

What would you require to learn how to hand sew correctly? The hardest part to learning anything is the first step. The first step to learning how to sew correctly is to have all of the proper tools. It is the same with anything in life. Imagine that you were learning how to do some mechanical work on your car with only a hammer and a screwdriver. It would not take you too long before you became completely frustrated and gave up.


It is the same with learning how to sew. Beginners who start from scratch are usually intimidated by their first shopping excursion into the sewing section of a retail store. They may walk into the sewing section of their favorite retail store and then stare aimlessly at the huge variety of sewing gadgets and accessories. After a few moments, they simply walk out of the store and decide to choose another hobby or craft.

Unfortunately for people like this it was simply a matter of not knowing what to purchase. You will only need a basic hand sewing kit. Your basic hand sewing kit will provide you with all of the necessary tools and equipment to produce anything from a simple pillowcase to a fancy handmade dress. Most sales representatives who work in quality sewing departments will provide you with the information and the items that you require to get started.

Most people have seen those small travel sewing kits. These small travel sewing kits have the basic sewing tools such as needles, scissors, and thread in various basic colors. Your home sewing kit merely requires a few more extra pieces. The extras that you would require would be hand sewing needles, straight pins, shears, needle threader, seam ripper, various threads, tape measure, seam gauge, clear gridded ruler, fabric marking pencils and pens, and a thimble.

All of the above items are relatively inexpensive and will provide you with a complete hand sewing kit to get you on the way. Sewing is a wonderful hobby because it will allow you to be creative and frugal. You will be creative as you design and assemble a variety of items for your home, family, and personal use. You will be frugal because you will be saving your family a lot of money. It is well documented that a handmade dress is way less expensive than a dress from a retail fashion store.

Besides, how often have you gone shopping for clothes for yourself or for your family and settled on something that you did not really find attractive? When you design your own clothing you will be able to choose your fabrics and fashion accessories. Your children will love this new talent because they will have unique fashion styles that are not found anywhere else.

Hand sewing is a wonderful thing to learn and to teach to your children. Eventually, you may also purchase a sewing machine to make your sewing experience even more enjoyable. Sewing is for both men and women and it can be one of the most reporting pastimes that a person can do. You just need to take that first step.

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